ANDRITZ trusts in air handing system from Schuh Anlagentechnik for its stainless steel cold rolling mill in Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan

Hemer, August 2015

Schuh Anlagentechnik has received an order from International technology Group ANDRITZ in the context of the second stage of expansion for stainless steel 6-high cold rolling Mill in Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan.

The order includes Engineering of the air handling system and delivery of the key components belonging to the vapour exhaust system, the machine deaeration, the belt drying system as well as the dedusting system at the roller cleaning device of the 6-high rolling mill.

The delivery is scheduled for the end of 2015 and the commissioning for the 3rd quarter of 2016.
ANDRITZ had already made its decision for the air handling systems of Schuh Anlagentechnik for Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan in 2011 to supply the Engineering and key components in 2011,

Wahlsin Lihwa is an established manufacturer of stainless steel, copper as well as aluminium long products. Since 2003, they also produce hot-rolled stainless steel strip. Through the plant in Taichung, Walsin Lihwa got in the production of cold-rolled strip in 2012.

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