Information for customers and partners on how to deal with the Corona virus issue at Schuh Anlagentechnik

After a short interim phase in the warm season of the year, the corona epidemic and the associated increasing number of cases are still having a significant impact on major parts of culture, economy and society.

We at Schuh Anlagentechnik are aware of our responsibility towards employees and customers, and we focus on the health of our employees and maintaining the ability to deliver for our customers. In order to achieve these goals, we have initiated and carried out a large number of measures:

  • Halving of permanent workplaces per room
  • Division of the company into 2 fully functional independent functional groups without any physical contact between the groups
  • Home office
  • Refrain from shaking hands
  • Compliance with sneezing etiquette and new rules of conduct
  • Increased health and hygiene requirements
  • As far as possible avoidance of access to our buildings
  • Suspension of customer visits in risk countries
  • Restricting customer visits
  • increased use of video conferencing
  • Intensive supplier monitoring

In addition, we are constantly monitoring the development of Covid-19 and hope that this will enable us to quickly identify and act on possible abnormalities.

Stay healthy!

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