Discover Schuh Anlagentechnik as the premier expert in efficient trim removal systems.

Schuh Anlagentechnik serves as a technological partner for the efficient removal of endless trims on the paper machine during the performance upgrade of RSM 4. Serving as a technology partner, Schuh Anlagentechnik specializes in the efficient Trim Removal of endless edge strips using state-of-the-art Chopper Fans.

Schuh Anlagentechnik is once again acting as a system supplier of Trim Removal systems for Briegel and Bergmeister in Niklasdorf. The endless edge strips are first captured in the area of the intake catcher and reach the Schuh Chopper Fan. Here the edge strips are first shredded and then conveyed in the existing material separator.

The Schuh trim removal system is designed for machine speeds of up to 1,700 m/min, effectively managing trim widths of up to 120 mm.

The order includes planning and delivery with the Schuh Chopper Fans as pivotal components. Delivery and assembly is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

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