Edge Trim Disposal of Schuh Anlagentechnik for PAWAG – Rattpack- Group – Experience of one year operation

Wolfurth – July 2021


The Schuh Edge Trim Disposal System enables the operation of up to 3 rewinders at maximum machine speeds of 600 m/min and edge strip widths up to 25 mm.

One Schuh Cutting Device with one Conveying Fan is provided for each rewinder. The separation of material and conveying air takes place in the Schuh material separator Series Y. This is arranged above the press container. The separated material falls down without pressure. The dusty conveying air is pre-filtered in the Schuh Pulse Jet Sleeve Filter and, after final filtered in the PortFil dry dust extractor, returned to the production area.

At the beginning of 2019, the first discussions for the redesign of a system for Edge trim disposal of the tri-duplex composite films took place with the result of the order placed to Schuh Anlagentechnik in December 2019. Despite Corona conditional impairment the disposal facility was successfully put into operation in July 2020. At the end of July 2020, the new system Edge Trim Removal System was handed over to the operator.

In July 2021, the edge trim disposal system has been in operation for 12 months with little maintenance and trouble-free.

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