Edge trim removal for aluminium strip material

Relocation of existing systems at Novelis successfully completed Redesign of the edge trim disposal with shredding system and dust filter system from Schuh Anlagentechnik

Ohle / Plettenberg – December 2022

As part of the doubling of capacity for annealed aluminium strips at the Ole site, Novelis decided to build an additional continuous annealer. For the necessary conversions to the existing disposal systems of the endless trims, Schuh Anlagentechnik already carried out an inventory of the existing ventilation systems in 2021. With these results, further planning between Schuh Anlagentechnik and Novelis could took place at the beginning of 2022 with the aim of redesigning the existing systems, including the integration of edge trim disposal for the new continuous annealer. In May 2022, Novelis placed the order for the redesign of the edge strip disposal to Schuh Anlagentechnik.

The subject was the planning, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the new pipe system with conveying fans to bridge the additional pressure losses, taking into account the existing components of the edge trim disposal of the existing systems. A new edge trim Disposal system with Schuh TRC cutting device, Schuh cutting ventilator and Schuh conveying fan is planned for the new continuous annealing area. In addition to this, the separation of the different various aluminium alloys is ensured by Schuh material separators Type Y. The dust produced by the cutting process is filtered behind the four material separators in the Schuh dry dust extractor PortFil. The cleaned exhaust air is released to the outside via the radial fan and exhaust silencer.

After the order was placed in May 2022, the first assembly work could already start in July 2022. By the start of cold commissioning in November 2022, the Schuh installation team had installed more than 1,300 m of pipelines. The conversion measures on the four existing systems were successfully completed in December 2022 with the smooth restart of the processing machines without any significant production interruptions.

The new production hall for continuous annealer 2 is currently under construction. After completion of the construction work, the area of ​​the new central trim disposal system will be put into operation. The commissioning date is planned for summer 2023.

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