Schuh Anlagentechnik - Expert in Oil Mist Extraction Systems and Edge Trim Disposal at Longitudinal Cutting Lines

GEORG Chooses Schuh Anlagentechnik for Project SDI – Columbus (USA)

Kreuztal – January 2023

As part of the collaboration between GEORG and Aluminium Dynamics (SDI) for the longitudinal
cutting line at the new aluminum plant in Columbus, Mississippi, GEORG has selected Schuh
Anlagentechnik for edge trim disposal and oil mist extraction systems.

Schuh Anlagentechnik serves as a technology partner for the efficient removal of endless edge trim at the edge trimmer
using Schuh injector technology and for reliable oil mist extraction systems in the area of the
decoiler. Schuh Anlagentechnik once again acts as a system supplier of edge trim extraction
systems and oil mist extraction systems for Heinrich Georg GmbH headquartered in Kreuztal in the
northern Siegerland region.

The edge trim extraction system, which securely conveys endless edge trim, utilizes the proven
Schuh injector technology. At the same time, the oil mist extraction system ensures almost
complete capture of oil mist in the area of the decoiler.

The edge trim extraction system captures the edge trim in the longitudinal cut and transports it via
the Schuh injector technology into the conveyor line. From here, the material is discharged into the
edge trim baling press. Dust generated during the cutting process is efficiently removed from the
exhaust air by the Schuh wet seperator.

The high machine performance in the decoiling area of up to 1,800 m/min results in high
circumferential speeds. These speeds lead to detachment of the finest oil droplets from the strip,
resulting in unwanted oil mist. Through the Schuh swirl tube, this oil mist is effectively captured and
discharged. The oil mist is directed through a piping system into the vertically arranged KT series
oil mist separator with three filter stages. In stage 1, the smallest oil droplets agglomerate into
larger droplets, in stage 2, the larger droplets are separated, and in stage 3, fine separation occurs.
The cleaned exhaust air is discharged to the outside via a radial fan.

The scope of the project includes planning, delivery, assembly supervision, and commissioning.
Delivery and assembly are scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.


About SDI

Steel Dynamics is one of the largest and most diverse domestic steel producers and metal
recyclers in the United States. With an estimated steel production and coating capacity of
approximately 13 million tons and facilities throughout the USA and Mexico, the company is a
leader in steel operations, steel manufacturing, and metal recycling. High-quality, low-emission,
and low-carbon steel is produced using Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology with recycled iron
scrap. With the construction of the first North American aluminum plant in 40 years, SDI will
produce 640,000 tons of flat-rolled aluminum annually starting in the first quarter of 2025. The
company is committed to utilizing a low CO2-emission production process.


Georg Maschinenfabrik, headquartered in Kreuztal in the northern Siegerland region, is a leading
manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the metal processing industry. For over 75 years, the
company has established itself as a synonym for quality, innovation, and reliability.
GEORG's product portfolio includes rolling mills, cutting lines, coating systems, welding systems,
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GEORG collaborates closely with its customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their
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