Schuh Anlagentechnik - specialist for oil mist extraction and Trim extraction systems on slitting systems

Kreuztal – January 2023

As part of the cooperation between GEORG and Steel Dynamics (SDI) for the new aluminum plant, GEORG decided on Schuh Anlagentechnik. Schuh Anlagentechnik is the technology partner for the Trim Removal of the slitting line with trimming shears and Oilmist Extraction system in the area of ​​the coiler.

Schuh Anlagentechnik is once again acting as a system supplier for Heinrich Georg GmbH in the areas of Trim Renoval Systems and Oilmist Extraction Systems. TheTrim removal system for conveying the endless trims uses the Schuh injector technology to safely remove the trims, while the oil mist extraction system ensures almost complete collection of the oil mist in the area of ​​the take-up reel.

With the Trim removal system the trims are taken in the longitudinal section and transported into the conveyor line via the Schuh Injector Technology. From here, the material is discharged into the hem scrap winder. Dust generated during the cutting process is largely removed from the exhaust air with a shoe wet separator.

The high machine performance in the area of ​​the coiler of up to 1,800 m/min requires high peripheral speeds. These lead to the finest oil droplets detaching from the belt, resulting in unwanted oil mist. With the help of the Schuh Swirl Tube, this oil mist is largely discharged from the work area. The oil mist passes through a pipe system into the vertically arranged KT series Oil Mist Separator with three filter stages. In stage 1, the smallest oil droplets agglomerate into larger droplets, in stage 2 the larger droplets are separated, and in stage 3 fine separation takes place. The cleaned exhaust air is discharged to the outside via a radial fan.

The order includes the planning, delivery, installation supervision and commissioning. Delivery and assembly are planned for the second quarter of 2024.

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