Final Acceptance of Vapour Exhaust System at Tandem Mill at Tangsteel

Tangshan, January 2015

At Tangsteel Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd., located in Tangshan, the commissioning of the vapour exhaust system at the tandem mill as well as the dust removal system at the scale breaker has been completed successfully in January 2015.

In line with the biggest single investment of the Tangshan Iron & Steel Group, Siemens VAI received the order for a complete cold rolling mill including a pickling line, an annealing line and a galvanizing line in May 2013. Schuh Anlagentechnik delivered the complete air handling system for this construction.

The delivery included the complete engineering, from the initial vapour exhaust installation up to the blow-out facility. The volume flow rate of the vapour exhaust system was 390.000 m³/h and the volume flow rate of the scale exhaust system was 110.000 m³/h.

The commissioning of the rolling mill shall be finished by July 2015 to start with full production.

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