Trimming Line for Scrapped Trims

The heart of any system at Trimming lines for scrapped trims made by Schuh Anlagentechnik is the optimal combination of extraction, transportation and separation of the scrapped trims without interfering edges as well as the dedusting of the head of conveyer.

The constructive design of the extraction of the scrapped trims including an adequate supply of transport air is a special challenge to handle. The transportation of the scrapped trims is adapted to the operating speed of the Trimming line with the aid of secondary air. The scrapped trims are led out at the Cyclone via a rotary valve. The transport air is filtered afterwards.

We have many years of experiences in this area, especially with Edge scrap cutters.

Application area

  • Trimming line
  • Trimming shear
  • Slitting shear
  • Cut-to-length line
  • Cut-to-length shear
  • Saumschneider??
  • Edge scrap cutter
  • Crop shear

Our Products for Trimming Line for Scrapped Trims