Heat Recovery

Detailed Knowledge of production processes at Cold rolling mills, Hot rolling mills, Slitting lines and Cut-to-length lines as well as many years of experiences with sophisticated operating conditions are the base of a specialized know-how about the calculation of potential rejected heat.

The heat-cold coupler of Schuh Anlagentechnik combines the cooling need of hydraulic oil with the warming demand of the supply air. In this way a large part of the heating energy of the supply air is reduced as well as parts of the energy need for cooling the hydraulic oil.

The incoming air is led via filter to the heat-cold coupler and pre-heated by the hydraulic oil. So on one hand the hydraulic oil is cooled proportionately and the cooling power need of cooling is reduced as well as the heating power need of the incoming air.

Application area

  • Cold rolling mill
  • Hot rolling mill
  • Roll grinding machine

Our Products for Heat Recovery