As part of the doubling of capacity for annealed aluminium strips at the Ole site, Novelis decided to build an additional continuous annealer.

KANZAN Spezialpapiere GmbH in Düren opted for the concept of Schuh Anlagentechnik GmbH as part of the capacity increase and plant expansion at the Düren site in the area of edge trim disposal.

As part of the expansion of the processing capacities for stainless steel strips of grades AISI 300 and 400, Aperam decided on the 4-column design of the 20-roll cold rolling mill from ANDRITZ with air technology from Schuh Anlagentechnik. The entire system was successfully implemented and has now been in live operation for 12 months.

After extensive research, the GEORG technical team decided on Schuh Anlagentechnik for the concept of the oil mist extraction system with swirl tube technology. The Schuh Anlagentechnik concept of the oil mist extraction system provides for the linear and uniform collection of the oil mist in the area of origin using space-saving swirl tubes.

As part of the modernization of the plant, extensive investigations were initially carried out to find the optimum exhaust air technology in the area of the shaving line and coiler with drawing die. In the end, the Sundwiger Messingwerke decided in favour of the REGKON process from Schuh Anlagentechnik.

In the area of the bending line, the Benteler project team was looking for a solution for the inside lubrication of the pipes to optimally capture and separate the oil mist from the production area of the robots.

The Meldorf paper mill decided for the rupture system of Schuh Anlagentechnik GmbH for the system of edge trim disposal of the Varidur rewinder.

Information for customers and partners on how to deal with the Corona virus issue at Schuh Anlagentechnik

In July 2020, the technical team from Schuh Anlagentechnik GmbH announced the successful commissioning and acceptance of the dedusting system in Great Britain.